Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dating.. what's the mystery?

Ok so I have been without a girlfriend for the last 7 years, partly through choice but recently not without want of trying, each time I liken it to getting this shiny new object in your hands and as I raise it up to take a good look at what I have infront of me it disintegrates into dust, I grab at it to try and retain some of it and I end up retaining some of it but its not the same.... I am having such a hard time at finding a relationship that I can have, call me selfish, hauty or shallow but I have to be attracted to the person in some way, do I not have that right? This has proved to be difficult for me to attain... Is it me? I started to think maybe it is? Maybe it is we both have issues and this is preventing us from making that connection? I know its a waiting game but damnit I have waited long enough. One more thing, I have been told girls go gaga over confidence, how do you attain confidence if you don't have any?

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